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Stringent Quality Control
The efficiency of the Sterling Modular Homes building process is greater than traditional building methods because we use modern factory assembly line techniques and the latest production equipment to ensure a precision fit and finish. A component cutter produces a more precision cut than a hand saw or hand-held circular saw often used on site.  Factory fastening methods are superior thanks to the use of pneumatic tools driving fasteners to precise depths.

In addition , the quality control standards of a factory require repeated product inspections. This stringent quality control process provides 100% assurance that your home has been inspected for code compliance and workmanship at every step of the construction process. At Sterling Modular Homes, each module is inspected approximately 185 times by quality control personnel.  In-plant inspectors as well as independent inspection agencies inspect the home on behalf of your state and local government. Sterling Modular Homes provides third party certification through PSI and the NYS Board of Underwriters.
High Quality Materials
All lumber purchased by Sterling Modular Homes passes stringent inspection before any material enters the factory. Sterling Modular Homes uses the finest grade of lumber available. All building materials are stored in the factory so that they are constantly protected from weather exposure.
Structural Integrity... Guaranteed
Sterling Modular Homes uses the strongest of all construction methods based on the 2 x 6 framing system. In general, modular homes are built to withstand transporting and typically contain about 30% more lumber than traditional stick-built houses. Because strength is "built-in", a Sterling Modular Home can more readily resist natural forces.
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